Understanding Acute and Chronic Differences in Disease

The terms acute and chronic are often used in the diagnosis of disease. However, it turns out that not everyone understands the meaning of these two terms. Even some people translate acute illness with chronic illness as the same thing. In fact, the nature of these two types of disease is very different. The term acute, is more appropriate to be used for illnesses suffered in a relatively short duration or time, or when causing an attack in a short time. While the term chronic is used to describe a disease that can be suffered over a long period of time or develops slowly. Recognizing Acute Diseases Acute disease can be interpreted as a disease that occurs and causes complaints suddenly. Usually, the illness is not long, develops quickly, and requires urgent treatment. The following are some examples of acute illnesses. Asthma attack Asthma attacks are symptoms of asthma that worsen suddenly which is marked by shortness of breath, wheezing or wheezing, tight neck and chest musc…
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